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  • Woodworm Treatments
    If you think you have a problem with woodworm get in touch. It's important to determine the species of insect causing the woodworm infestation as this will have an impact on the treatment required
  • Air Quality and Condensation Control
    Condensation can lead to the development of mould that causes musty odours and spores which may contribute to respiratory health problems.
  • Basement and Below Ground Waterproofing Services
    We can also help design and install waterproofing schemes for new build basements or below ground areas in new construction sites.
  • Damp Proofing Solutions
    It is important to deal with rising damp as quickly as possible to mitigate the following problems: As rising damp moves through the permeable layers it can impact on the structural integrity of a building by leaching out minerals and by causing timber decay.
  • Masonary Ties and Building Stabilisation
    In the UK, heavy traffic is one of the most common causes of wall movements due to persistent vibrations in the ground.

Damp Proofing, Cellar Waterproofing and Tanking Services around the East Midlands including the areas of Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield.

Preserva-CSS has been working with homeowners, local authorities, commercial developers , property mortgage lenders and local building contractors to provide the complete solution for timber decay and infestations and all sources of dampness above and below ground. By carrying out expert surveys by CSRT and CSSW qualified surveyors and providing detailed electronic reports we are able to determine the problems and offer the best solutions, our dedicated team of specialists technicians( CSCS qualified) then treat and repair the problems diagnosed. We're proud of our work and confident about the solutions we put in place and in most cases offering a guaranteed solution which can also be backed by an independent insurance at your request.

If you have any Damp or woodworm problems get in touch today with Preserva CSS on: 0800 783 2531.

PreservaCSS Damp proofing, dry rot and wet rot treatments & repair
PreservaCSS Waterproofing below ground (tanking)
PreservaCSS CSRT and CSSW qualified surveyors
PreservaCSS Electronic survey reports
PreservaCSS Masonary stabilisation and remedial wall ties
PreservaCSS Alternative treatments
i.e.Smoke and fogging treatments and fumigation
PreservaCSS Bird control and fouling clearance
PreservaCSS Asbestos Solutions

Preserva-CSS offer basement damp proofing, waterproofing and tanking services across the East Midlands and Yorkshire areas including Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield.


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Type & Cause of Damp

    • Wet and Dry Rot

      Probably the most common cause of damage to structural timber is fungal decay. This fungal decay can happen to all timber, whether it's timber in a new build or timber that's been there for hundreds of years. For more information, get in touch with Preserva-CSS if you have dry or wet rot problems.

    • Rising and Penetrating Damp

      Rising damp is one of the main causes of damp in buildings. It occurs when water from the ground rises up into the fabric of the building through capillary attraction. If you think your property may be suffering from rising damp, get in touch and we'll help you determine the causes and help you find the right solutions

    • Woodworm

      Woodworm is the generic term for a number of insects that bore into wood. These insects lay their eggs in or on wood which hatch into larvae that in turn go on to eat the cellulose in the wood.

      If you think you have a problem with woodworm get in touch. It's important to determine the species of insect causing the woodworm infestation as this will have an impact on the treatment required. For example, some insects associated with woodworm have a larval lifespan of 10 months whereas others may have a larval life span of 10 years!

    • Condensation Control

      Condensation is often seen as the scourge of modern living, it's probably the most common cause of damp in houses. It occurs in both old and new building however it appears to be especially prevalent in buildings that have been modernised. Generally building owners experience condensation in the winter months rather than the summer months. Condensation can be found in a number of different spaces, often occurring on walls, windows and floors. Condensation can also be found in roof spaces and in the spaces under suspended floors.

Damp Proofing, Waterproofing and Tanking

Based in Derby, East Midlands Preserva-CSS are the experts in property care. We deal with both commercial
and domestic properties.

Our Damp Proofing, Waterproofing and
Tanking services are available in the
East Midlands including the areas of
Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield

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